Мain beneficiary's statement

In 2018 SUEK was transformed into a vertically integrated coal and energy business.Our strategic vision is now to be not only a global leading coal producer but also an efficient supplier of heat and electricity to end consumers.

Our integrated coal, heat and power strategy is now even more committed to quality growth to meet increasing power demand and environmental requirements.

Our coal business will focus more and more on supplying high-CV coals to premium Asian markets. In the power business we are strong advocates of co-generation of heat and power. This is the most efficient and environmentally friendly solution to providing the heat supply needed by millions of people during nine months of the year in one of the world’s coldest regions.

With a targeted strategy, proactive risk management and financial policy, and dedicated personnel, we are empowered for sustainable growth.

Andrey Melnichenko
Andrey Melnichenko, SUEK’s main beneficiary
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